Don’t get run over by the shopping cart!

Who could imagine that a shopping cart could be used for something other than carrying groceries from the supermarket. Posts to get profits and as always referred to vehicles, you will discover that the imagination has no limits.

Let’s see who is the first to deny having raced with supermarket carts.

It’s quite another thing to use shopping carts as part of a vehicle.

Now we only have to drive a kart whose chassis is a shopping cart. If you still want to be surprised, we show you how the Spanish car driver, Fernando Alonso, dared to use one of these karts in the Antena 3TV program “El Hormiguero”.

A handmade kart with a shopping Cart

We are going to talk about Edward Jasper. This young engineering student, at just 18, has designed and built this particular vehicle. Not only has he designed this peculiar vehicle, but many others that are more unlikely.

Curiously, Jasper uses parts from junkyards or he himself disassembles any utility to obtain the necessary parts. His kart can reach a speed of 80 km/hour. This achievement could get him into the Guinness Book of Records, as the chassis are either shopping carts or wheelchairs.

This work created by Jasper, has been present in the official section of the Portland International Film Festival.

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