A coffin that will make you smile

There are those who fear death and others, on the contrary, laugh at it, or at least try to give it a touch of humor and less solemnity. This is the case of the different ways that a coffin has to circulate.

Coffin on wheels

This vehicle, which looks like the hearse of Dracula himself, is actually an advertising claim for a Spanish company while it distributes its fruits and vegetables. This is the greengrocer Amatriain whose slogan appears on the hearse itself indicating that its fruits and vegetables “are to die for”.

Let’s see another example, such as this coffin on wheels. You have to have humor and courage to circulate inside a coffin. Don’t you think?

And if not tell this driver! He looks happy in his very particular car.

From the next model, it is better to say “without words”. We are not very clear what it is.

Tuned cars seem to be the order of the day.

We see a coffin on wheels again, in this case they go one in front and one behind.

In the purest style of the movie “Mad Max” we have this other design.

If we talk about movies, there are those who have transformed the vehicle into the hearse of the Adams Family itself.

Photographs: Pinterest

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