cars with teeth that will eat you

The truth is that the front of vehicles seems to have their own face. Some seem aggressive, others friendly, there are those that seem sad and there are those that are overflowing with joy. If we also put teeth on them, the appearance is most curious.

Some cars have been modified, others painted and in some cases original stickers have been enough to give it that terrifying look.

Have you ever wondered what your car would look like with perfect teeth?

Discovering funny cars with teeth

Although it seems unusual, we have found various images with jagged cars on the net. They are funny and funny. We hope to make you smile at least.

Turning a car hood into a set of teeth doesn’t seem like an unusual thing.

And in this other case with more current cars remembering a dragon from a video game called Spyro.

If you thought that high-end cars do not want to join this passion… you are wrong. This Lamborghini Aventador has the most terrifying teeth.

Another example is this Lamborghini Huracan, whose teeth are on one side.

And it’s not just Lamborghinis that make these recreations.

The teeth can also be used to give scares on specific dates such as Halloween, and if not, look at this model. Probably when the children go to trick or treat this driver, they will think about it long before.

Cog cars parading

In the parades it seems that they also aim to transform vehicles by placing teeth everywhere. Which do you think is scarier?

And in this case, the full face is better

And the thing does not end here, let’s see one more.

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