Piggy cars…why not?

If you happen to see a similar car pass through the streets of your city, it is most likely that you will turn to look and cannot avoid a big smile. We are going to discover some piggy cars that are the most curious and fun.

Pig Mobile by Ben Cohen

We start this post with the creation of one of the funniest piggy cars. Its creator Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, transformed a Chevy truck by attaching some cute little pigs and it was used for a non-profit organization with a political message.

Photography Nancy Rineman Gary Dozier of Hampton Falls

Piggy cars or piggy trams… Choose!

And if a few lines ago we were talking about a piggy car and it didn’t seem striking enough, wait until you see the piggy tram that was in operation until relatively recently. It is currently on display at the German Pig Museum.

More piggy vehicles

There are also those who want to customize their own vehicle and are passionate about making it look like a pig. This is what we want to assume happens to the owner of this particular vehicle. We do not know the reason for this creation, but without a doubt, the objective has been achieved! It will not go unnoticed.

And as for tastes the colors, the following transformation leaves us speechless.

There are those who are more discreet…..or not. Really this VW Beetle transformed in this way will be hard to forget. It seems that it is something that they like, because we have been able to locate more than one different model.

If the front part seems original to you but you do not dare to draw so much attention, you can opt for the rear part. This option is most unusual, and it will receive all kinds of comments, don’t you think?

If your family is large, there is also a van option. Couldn’t miss it either!

It seems that piggy cars are the bane of many drivers, advertisers, or designers and their creations will always surprise.

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