Lowrider with jumping cars

The modification of classic cars, called Lowrider was really a movement that had its peak in the 70’s mainly in the Mexican and African-American communities. Colloquially, we have wanted to call them jumping cars.

This kind of tuning fuses the best of Mexican culture and American culture. Currently, they represent a lifestyle.

These cars, in addition to the common denominator that is the electro-hydraulic system that identifies them, have pearlescent, bright colors, straight, abstract shapes, and finishes with various images. The sensation that it produces when you see the car rise is as if it jumped.

In the conversion, the axles are first stabilized so that they can absorb jumps and other loads. After completing this step, electric pumps are mounted in each well of the wheel so that they operate independently. In this way it is possible to raise a single axle or even just a wheel to make us see the jumping cars in action.

Jumping car shows are very crowded when they are called, because the show is served. Although they are more common in the US, they are also well known in Germany. In this country, they are divided into 5 different categories depending on the weights and the types of jump.

The most used cars are Chevrolet, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Ford or Chrysler, but as we will see in this post there are many more models that have been used to create the striking jumping cars. Currently, the United States is the country with the largest number of jumping cars, followed by Mexico.

As a curiosity to add that these jumping cars are also characterized by placing a block of magnesium so that sparks fly when it rubs against the ground.

Jumping cars that also dance?

Some of these peculiar cars, perhaps because of their shape, but they simulate that they are in the middle of a dance choreography. If you dare to doubt it, watch this attached video, where the car seems to mark some dance steps at full speed.

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