Hyundai E4U, the one-person egg car

Imagination has no limits, and proof of this is the Hyundai E4U that the Korean brand presented at the Seoul Motor Show. An egg car where the driver’s own feet drive the vehicle.

A vehicle that moves in a unidirectional way and with training wheels is really quite an attraction. The most peculiar thing about this vehicle is its propulsion system, it does not really have wheels and its training wheels serve to provide stability.

Watch in this video how this funny egg car moves.

A curious prototype is the Hyundai E4U

The Hyundai E4U is a kind of vehicle between a Segway and an Isetta, capable of traveling at 25 km/hour and powered by an electric motor.

This vehicle grew out of an internal Hyundai competition called IDEA.

This contest called IDEA, invites the workers of the Korean brand to propose mobility ideas for the future and with a certain playful sense.

In our opinion, it is a concept car that we do not believe has many followers. It is somewhat ridiculous but of course it does not go unnoticed and as we all know, there are tastes for everything.

The helmet worn by the driver, we do not find much sense and we doubt that it protects what a regular helmet would protect. What do you think?

The Hyundai E4U name stands for “egg, electric, evolution”. It measures 1.08 meters long, 1.23 meters high and 0.92 meters wide, weighing 80 kg. The rear wheels and part of its body can be removed to facilitate parking, further reducing its volume.

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