The mythical car of the Pink Panther

We will start warming up engines and remembering who the Pink Panther was, and what his vehicle was. To do this, we introduce you with this video that will be the best known.

And now we are going to focus on the vehicle where the Pink Panther came out, and which we all found impressive,

That mythical vehicle was neither more nor less than this one that we show you below. A vehicle manufactured in 1969 based on an Oldsmobile Toronado. It measured 7 meters long and exceeded 1.80 meters wide.

It was built by Ed Newton, who was also its designer, and Dan Wookds, and was customized by Joe Bilon, Bill Hines and Bill Honda. Until it was put up for auction, it was owned by promoter Jay Ohrberg, a famous designer of multiple cars that appeared in Hollywood movies.

Restoration of the Pink Panther car

The initial cost of the Pink Panther car is estimated to be around $100,000 in the 1970s, which was a very high sum indeed. At the last auction it was purchased it was worth $450,000 despite its condition. The amount paid was worth it for its originality and for being a unique piece.

The purchase was made in 2011 by a Los Angeles restoration company, Galpin Auto Sports. This is how impressive it looks after its restoration.

The front in the form of a “duck bill” offers this luxurious cabin.

And inside, from matching pink cushions, to a vintage telephone or even a television.

If you wonder where this peculiar vehicle is, we inform you that it has been a museum piece since 2016.

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