A double convertible Limousine

Although this name may not seem familiar to you, we can assure you that you will have seen many vehicles created by him throughout your life. Jay Ohrberg is Hollywood’s favorite car designer. He has built hundreds of experimental vehicles that have appeared in more than 100 movies, TV shows or videos. In this case, we are going to meet the double convertible limousine of the 80s.

Vehicles such as “Kit the fantastic car”, the cars of “The Flintstones”, or the vehicles of “Batman”, or of “Starky and Hutch” and even the ambulance of the “Ghostbusters”, are some of his legendary creations.

Let’s see the difference of this limousine in particular, with other very special and totally atypical limousines. One of them is the “American Dream” limousine, the longest limousine in the world, which, of course, is another of his numerous creations.

Jay Ohrberg’s double limousine

This crazy creation was built 2.5 vehicles wide and was 30 feet long. Powered by two ’75 Cadillac FWD engines, it featured eight wheels on each side.

When this double limousine went from one show to another, it had to be divided and interestingly, each half could be driven separately.

This double limousine allowed all kinds of events inside, which obviously attracted a lot of attention. Imagine playing a game of volleyball inside. These girls didn’t think twice.

Now it’s your turn to decide how you would use this double limousine. Do you accept the challenge?

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