Pink Lamborghini to power!

It is not usual to see a striking pink car driving through the streets. Perhaps you have never seen one and wonder if they exist. We have it easy because they exist, and there are also many different models.

In this post, due to the great variety there is, we will focus on supercars and specifically on the Lamborghini.

Supercars in pink

If it is already difficult to see a car in pink, you cannot imagine how peculiar it is to see it in a high-end sports car such as the Lamborghini Aventador. In this specific case, it is the LP720-4 50th Anniversary model.

But don’t think it’s the only Lamborghini in this striking color. We show you another one with a unique design. Look at the details and you will be speechless!

And we still challenge you to be more amazed with this other model with no more and no less than Swarovski crystals.

If it turns out your girl or boy wants to have a car like the adults and of course in pink, then they can also have it.

Lamborghini Pink in Live Ride Laugh

Perhaps what we like is the more discreet and bright metallic pink. In that case we can also give you the pleasure of seeing how it would look. We assume that the policeman could not resist touching this fascinating car, to find out if it was real or not.

And finally, this limited edition Lamborghini Aventador, a tribute to Cosmic Girl painted in SE30 Viola color is most spectacular.

Are you sure which of the Lamborghini in pink is your favourite?

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