a car with a heart

We will meet in this post, from “heart” cars, to owners who place hearts in their vehicles in places you would not even imagine. We are going to surprise you!

Danacol Heart Car

The well-known American firm Asylum surprises again with the creation of this vehicle for Danacol from Danone. This time they used Cinema 4D to design the vehicle until they got the customer’s approval.

Later the car was machined in polystyrene, molding it to create the fiberglass body. Engineers were in charge of building the chassis and running gear. After the engine was installed, the bodywork was fixed. As you can see, the result is the most original and fun.

Source: Aylum for Danacol

Fit some hearts in your car

Perhaps something as complex as creating a heart car from scratch is too complicated, which is why some drivers choose to somehow fit hearts into their cars.

An example of this can be modified headlights so that red lights appear in the shape of a heart when braking. Do you like the illuminated detail?

Other accessories that you can find are from a steering wheel, or an exhaust pipe or even some tires always with this peculiar shape.

Another option is to paint your car full of hearts. We would see who dares to do it!

Whether they are stickers, such as air fresheners, car seat covers or mats… if you intend to have hearts in your car, you will find what I need. Try and see!

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