Tesla of adults… and Tesla of children

Your son can already say at school that he drives a Tesla. The Radio Flyer company markets a replica of the Tesla Model S for children that clearly identifies with the real model.

This is an electric model, which is a miniature edition. As with its big brother, it is available in different battery sizes, which is what happens with the real model.

Miniature Tesla

Knowing the mini Tesla

Radio Flyer, manufacturer of children’s toys and in association with Tesla creates the 2020 model Y but with an appropriate size for small children. Its steering wheel looks like it came straight off the Tesla assembly line. It has an ergonomic chair and its horn works, all with electricity. The chosen name is My F

Radio Flyer previously had the Tesla Model S and now incorporates the Tesla Model Y. In this case, it is a cheaper and more aff

The Model S is battery-powered and is recommended for ages 3-8. On the other hand, the Model Y does not have an electric motor, so children from a year and a half can get on it.

We found other differences in both models and that is that the model for younger children comes with black painted wheels and both front and rear lights, with an authentic look. This model can even be purchased on Amazon.

Model S for kids

The Tesla Model S, also known as “frunk”, has, among other features, a front trunk where they can store their toys. It has an integrated mp3 sound system and even lighted headlights to make the experience very real.

Tesla Model S Interior

As with the adult Tesla, this model is customizable. It can be chosen in 4 different colors, it has two different wheel options and it even has its own car cover.

You can buy separately the spare battery, customize the license plate and also customize the parking sign.

In short, a wonderful children’s experience that excites both the little ones and the adults of the house.

As a fun fact, the way to connect the battery is the same as you would connect the adult model.

Tesla Model S battery charger

The Tesla Model S fleet

The truth is that seeing his fleet gives us no other alternative than to smile. Apparently we seem to be looking at a fleet of adult Teslas.

The fleet

We show you a video of this great children’s model in operation. Enjoy it!

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