BMW Isetta – A classic you will rarely see

BMW Isetta, is a microcar based on the design of the Italian manufacturer Iso Rivolta, known as the bubble car. This Italian manufacturer of refrigerators and minicars presented its Iso Isetta at the Turin Motor Show in 1954. BMW acquired the licensing and production rights, and from this came this fascinating classic vehicle.

BMW Isetta

Knutschkugel, his nickname in Germany

This microcar called motocoupe, was a sales success, which could reach 85 km/h. It was 2.28 m long and weighed just 350 kg. It was a two-seater, which due to its size could circulate calmly around the city. Its peculiarity was that the door for both passengers opened from the front and that it only had 3 wheels.

Its production ended in 1962, and at that time BMW had manufactured 161,728 units of this very particular car.

BMW Isetta

The coveted BMW Isetta

This iconic vehicle is highly coveted and is considered a German gem. Its 250 cc, 12 hp single-cylinder engine came from BMW motorcycles. The last Isetta that BMW put on sale was the four-seater Isetta 600, having a 582 cc, 19.5 hp twin-cylinder boxer engine.

What you may not have known is that this small car saved BMW from bankruptcy in the 50s/60s. It is clear that everything big starts small.

For you to see this fascinating vehicle up close, we share a video found on YouTube.

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