Oscar Mayer’s “hot dog car”

For decades, mobile hot dog stands Oscar Mayer Wienermobile were common, but over time they gradually disappeared. In 1936, the famous American brand Oscar Mayer launched a marketing campaign by creating this striking “hot dog car” to promote its brand.

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The “hot dog car” measures 8 meters in length, and without a doubt, every passer-by who saw it circulate was struck by its originality. A great way to promote yourself!

Oscar Mayer and Airbnb together with the hot dog car

In 2019, Oscar Mayer and Airbnb, taking advantage of National Hot Dog Day in the USA, turned this iconic “hot dog car” into an attractive accommodation with all the comforts for a limited time. A very original way of promoting yourself and thus giving the lucky travelers the opportunity to spend a fun night inside.

These Oscar Mayer Wienermobile stays have been carried out by Hotdoggers like AlexanDog and Jake N’Bacon. These Hotdoggers during the year 2019 drove this vehicle around the country giving the option to stay for a day inside. Airbnb announced this unprecedented and exclusive accommodation on its pages, with the price offered being 136 euros per night.

Inside there is a convertible sofa bed, two large armchairs, television, bathroom, fridge stocked with hot dogs and even outside, a barbecue in the middle of a small garden, where you can enjoy the most delicious hot dogs flavors of the brand. Of course, the entire interior alludes to Oscar Mayer’s hot dogs in a fun and friendly way.

Wienermobile bed
Interior Wienermobile
Interior Wienermobile

Using the chassis of a Jeep Willys or a Dodge, this American brand has made its cars very popular in the American continent. Now you know what you can find driving around the United States with a bit of luck, and smile when you see this fun Wienermobile.

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