Pac Man to power!

Getting inspired by a video game and comic to create a car or to tune up your own vehicle is something that Pac Man lovers and fans have within their reach. And if you don’t believe it, look at the crazy and original models that we have found.

In the mid-1970s, Larry Wood designed the Pac Man bar and it was Rod Powell who assembled it. What its creators did not imagine is that this video game would have vehicles that would circulate today.

Pac-Man Vehicle

We start with this vehicle, a hot-rod that consists of a single seat with a bubble roof, becoming this striking model.

This lawnmower-like vehicle has go-fast and look-fast features. A Buick V-6 on wheels, which is quite a whim located in the United States, specifically in Michigan.

We do not know the purpose for which this vehicle was manufactured, but we can tell you that, it has been in numerous exhibitions and is still working today.

And we continue with the tuned…

Such is the passion that this video game inspires, that some fans decide to tune up their cars to feel the power of driving along with their favorite video game.

There are many models that we have found, with very different, original and absolutely geek designs. Without a doubt, they draw attention to their path and are the most fun.

Let’s see this model of Mini Cooper that is a work of design of the most striking.

We found more tuned models like this Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG. Who would have thought that it could be mimicked with the video game?

Do not think that few drivers have taken the initiative to tune their own vehicles. Let’s see more examples.

Pac Man present in other video games

It is even on other platforms and video games, where we find customized cars. as is Kamata SYNCi “Pac Man” SP.

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