Toyota Concept-i – Artificial Intelligence

Toyota CEIn Las Vegas during CES 2017, the Toyota Concept-i was unveiled, a vehicle designed from the inside out by Toyota’s CALTY Design Research in California.oncept-i – Artificial Intelligence

The basis of this prototype devised by Toyota is artificial intelligence. It has an electric propulsion system and an “integrated agent” equipped with artificial intelligence, which is capable of interacting with the occupants of the vehicle, and can even drive autonomously.

The Toyota Concept-i vehicle and “Yui”

The name the vehicle uses to nickname its artificial intelligence is “Yui”. Inside the prototype, it surrounds the driver and passenger area, with lines designed to control both lighting and sound as well as touch.

According to projector design manager and interior designer William Chergosky, “The fundamental idea behind it was to try to humanize or warm up the technology and make it more accessible.”

It has screens on the dashboard and lights in different colors in the footwell, which indicate whether it is in autonomous or manual mode.

On its exterior, that interaction on the part of “Yui” also appears. As soon as you enter the vehicle, it welcomes you and will warn you of possible curves or dangers that may occur on the road during the journey.

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