Peel P50 – The smallest car in history

This peculiar vehicle called Peel P50 is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, holding the record for the smallest vehicle suitable for driving ever produced.

In 1962 it came out onto the streets for the first time, by the Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man. Unfortunately, at the time it did not manage to sell even 100 units, but it did go down in history due to its peculiarity in 2010.

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This three-wheeled vehicle is only 1.34 meters long, 1 meter high and only 98 cm. wide. The maximum speed is 60 km/hour. His weight is 56 kg. and it does not have a reverse gear, so to move it you have to drag it by hand from an integrated handle.

Its interior was almost entirely occupied by a single seat. There was no odometer. The noise produced by the engine was excessive for its low power. The P50 only needed a liter of fuel to travel 42 kilometers.

One of 50 genuine 1964 Peel P50s auctioned by renowned Sotheb’s auction house fetched $176,000 in March 2016

Peel Trident

As an older brother of the Peel P50 was the Peel Trident that was presented to society in 1964. In this case, it stood out for its bubble dome. Its dimensions were 1.83 meters long and 1.07 high. Its weight of 99 kg allowed a configuration for two passengers.

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