The Ferrari Dragster “Insanity”

Canadian Ryan McQueen has taken no less than 17 years to build this incredible Ferrari from scratch, and the most impressive thing is that it was made in his home garage. He has called the vehicle “Insanity”, and the most particular thing is that it has two Rolls Royce Viper aeronautical engines integrated, along with two giant exhausts.

A rocket on wheels as you can see.

Meeting the “Insanity”

This project, which began in 2004, took place when McQueen, a resident of Sherwood Park, attended a jetcar race. It was then that he made the decision to sell his Chevrolet Corvette and buy two jet engines at a state auction.

McQueen is a truck driver by trade, and at the age of 44 he dedicated himself fully to the manufacture of this very particular vehicle. For this I use Google and YouTube as guides, since their mechanical knowledge was very poor. According to him, he comments that there are super sports cars with a single jet engine and trucks with two, but he insists that he is not aware of any car with two engines.

The Insanity is not authorized to travel on the road, so it must always be towed.

Achieving the goal after 17 years of work is quite a challenge. The cost has been $90,000 and the result is a unique super sports car in the world.

Designed from a Ferrari Enzo, whose appearance only reminds us of the front, it has impressive mechanical features. Weighing 1,723 kilos, it can reach 650 kilometers per hour and consumes a whopping 400 liters of fuel in two minutes.

McQueen’s long-term plans are to display his creation at airshows and other exhibitions in North America.

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