A Pink Bunny car?

A pink bunny car… seeing is believing! Well, as you can see, these pink bunny-shaped sneakers are not a brand car, like BMW or Mercedes Benz to give an example, but they are totally endearing. What is your opinion?

Knowing the history of the pink bunny slippers

An American engineer, Greg Solberg, who works at Tesla Motors, decided to make these motorized slippers in his spare time. These curious shoes were worn by the Burning Man festival in the United States, whose participants surprise with their unconventional vehicles.

It seems that it was his partner Lisa who had this great idea, which Greg and his friends later developed.

Slippers circulating at the Burning Man festival

The motorized slippers are covered with pink Flokati plush carpets, the same color as the cotton candy that we have eaten so many times at fairs.

These pink bunny design sneakers are powered by two 36-volt electric motors, powered by six 12-volt YellowTop batteries each. The two front wheels are chain driven by a 7-inch brushed DC motor. Oddly enough, they can reach 24 kilometers per hour.

Here you can see Greg and Lisa happily driving their battery-powered electric sneakers through the desert. A fun way of driving that certainly does not go unnoticed by anyone.

Source Blog Greg Solberg – ingeniero de Firmware de Tesla

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