Mario Kart live and direct

Bringing to life the kart models piloted by Mario and Luigi has been made possible thanks to Nintendo and West Coast Customs. Nintendo ordered these two electronic models from this company, which were shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Mario Kart therefore already has its full-size replica.

With this initiative, Nintendo promoted the launch of its Mario Kart 7 video game. These fun replica karts of the famous video game karts were launched to shoot the promotional announcement for Mario Kart 7.

What many would give to have the opportunity to drive one of these karts. Which one is your favorite?

Mario Kart in Tokyo

Do not think that this video game is just a video game, because there are many addicts who want to drive a kart imagining that they are the animated characters.

We have an example of this in Tokyo, where karts could be rented, and thus imagine that their characters come to life.

Nintendo did not like this very much and in fact filed a lawsuit to end the Tokyo Mario Kart, a lawsuit that it won.

In this lawsuit, driving was finally allowed but with a seat belt, as single-seaters had put one of Tokyo’s iconic tourist attractions in jeopardy.

The new karts must also include fenders and even airbags. It is not mandatory to wear a helmet. To such an extent it is a popular attraction, that the Ministry of Transport, has thought throughout its legislature, to implement a complete regulation.

Circuits in real life

This famous Nintendo game, where the crazy kart races are its attraction, makes many fans want to be the ones who drive on fun circuits.

The Battlekart Europe company has a proposal with great potential, where this experience is possible.

It will be about circuits totally based on the well-known video game, the drivers will drive customized karts with colored lights. Without a doubt, an initiative that will bring queues of fans of this legendary game.

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