The funny Volkswagen Beetle

The iconic and famous Volkswagen Beetle, colloquially called “beetle”, is undoubtedly a car that has marked both the history of Volkswagen and the automotive industry. The conception of the original design is attributed to Béla Barényi, an Austro-Hungarian engineer in 1925.

Its iconic design has been immortalized for eternity, being a bestseller for decades. This model also became an icon of the hippie movement and has been a leading actor in movies, such as Herbie.

In this post, we are going to see some modified models in a fun and original way.

Let’s start the engines, albeit calmly, as it could be in this first modified half-model. The laughs are served.

Volkswagen Beetle in disguise

We start with a model that has been camouflaged with this original costume. What has been impossible is that it goes unnoticed, don’t you think?

The clothing that the Volkswagen Beetle can have is really varied, and if you don’t believe it, you can check it out with these other costumes, each one more original.

This tortoise model is the most peculiar.

If it is about animals, the mouse model is really worked.

One above the other….

Surprising this model as if it were the Ying Yang. What we are clear about is that it is impossible for it to circulate.

Although if it is about raising a Beetle on top of another, in this case it can drive. Ingenuity has no limits.

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